NEW - January 21

UNITY IN DECEIT- The British Media and Iraq’s election:

In this new essay, David Edwards of Medialens, the London-based media watchdog, examines the atsonishing bias shown by the British media towards the Iraq elections due to held later this month.
"A key question for any rational person considering the issue can be formulated in a number of ways but runs along these lines: Having incurred these immense costs, would the US superpower really be willing to allow genuine democratic elections in Iraq? By which must be meant, after all, that a government might be elected that is opposed to all US involvement in the country, including the continued presence of US troops?
"A rational person must surely also wonder whether a free and democratic election can be held at all under conditions of war and superpower occupation.
"Aren’t these obvious starting points for any journalist considering the issue of elections in Iraq? Apparently not."

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